Brian Meakin, President
Charlie Mahoney, Vice President 

Mark Bublitz, Vice President - Investments
William Fried, Treasurer
Terry Marecki, Secretary 


Sam Carmagno
Greg Coppola 

Kelly Denha 

John Hiltz
Marshall Kleven

David Lawrence
​Scott Maxwell

Jim McCann

Kathleen McIntyre
Susan Nash

Dan Putman
Michaelina Racka

​Art Regner

John Walsh
Dan West 

Trustees Emeritus:

Mayor Dennis Wright

Former Mayor Jack Kirksey
Former Mayor Jack Engebretson


Former Mayor Robert Bennett
             1928 - 2015


Livonia Community Foundation Board

- an investment in Livonia's Future

Livonia Community Foundation

Board of Trustees

The Foundation is a permanent endowment ‑ a trust fund. 

The Foundation is built by Citizen & Corporate donors:





       & private organizations

The Foundation supports, through monetary donations, Livonia 's charitable, cultural, historical, educational, and recreational institutions:

The Foundation is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 

The Foundation's assets are conservatively invested under strict State and Federal laws ‑ the return on investment is used to support the Foundation's programs & commitments. 

Your donated dollar ($) gives over and over again as the endowment grows and earns a return year after year. . 

.Contributions other than cash

Securities, property, and other owned assets may also be donated, and they may provide additional tax and/or estate planning benefits. Work with your financial planner or tax accountant to understand how making such donations can be of the most  benefit for you.

Foundation History

In 1994, the State of Michigan encouraged formation and support of community foundations by providing income tax incentives to both individuals and businesses. The Livonia Community Foundation was chartered in 1995 for the purpose of building and administering an endowment fund, and to seek contributions to grow that fund.  A donation of $15,000 from former Mayor Robert Bennett in 1996 brought the balance to $32,000 at the end of its first full year.  It was the foresight of former Mayor Bennett combined with his leadership and that of those community leaders who have since served on the Board of Trustees that grew the Livonia Community Foundation to $386,000 by December 2001 and to over one million currently.   The earnings (interest, etc.) on that fund must be used to support the Foundation’s mission supporting Livonia’s own cultural, historical, educational, and charitable. The number of contributors has grown each year, and now includes more than 750 Livonia families, individuals, and businesses.